Best gun safe under $300

Buying a gun safe in near or under dollar 300 range can keep gun locked but will not do much in case of a break in or fire because  these safes are not made like safe. They don’t have any burglar or fire rating.

They are actually gun cabinets.A lock box which can lock stuff like your school locker or like an Almirah.

These are gun safes that accommodate three to four long guns and are perfect for the gun owner with only a few rifles, shotguns or few handguns and no plans to buy any more in the near future.

These slim safes are a much cheaper alternative to buying a larger safe or useless handgun safes.

But you have to be alert with these cabinet too if you anticipate burglary or mischievous children.

I don’t want to give you the idea that these boxes are no good or useless.

They can do a pretty good job of keeping your guns out of wrong hands.But don’t rely on them for protection against burglary or fire.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

You probably have already heard or read about Barska biometric rifle safe on other places online.This model of Barska is AX11652 with dimensions 9.75″ x 8.63″ x 52.13″.Another model with same dimension is AX12760 but it also has a keypad lock in addition to Biometric and key lock with two backup keys.The lock can be accessed in silent mode also.

It is Chinese made but pass CDOJ rating for burglary.It does not have any fire rating nor does it say anything about steel thickness.

The fingerprint scanner is quick acting(2.5 sec) and can store up to 120 finger prints Though you may need not more than may be 10.

It has removable accessory shelf inside and pre-drilled holes at the back wall and ground to mount it on the floor or wall.This is good as it doesn’t weigh much (65 lbs).

The safe can hold up-to four rifles but some user complain that they can not keep more than two rifles with scope attached as the door wont close and also they cannot keep it with magazine attached at all.

The safe can be bought online for about $350.

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FCH Gun Safe Electronic 5-Gun Rifle Safe

With dimensions 3.78″W x 11.8″D x 57.1″H FCH  electronic Keypad safe is ideal for people with low budget and few rifles(upto 5) .The top of the safe have additional locker for ammunition etc.

It is available for remarkable price of $ 170.It is designed like safe with bolt action door lock but essentially it is a cabinet with thin walls and doors.It is not intended for burglary or fire protection but will do a good job in keeping children away.

FCH has upgraded the lock to keep memory of old pin in case battery die and also has a backup key.

The safe is chinese made and weigh 75 lbs with pre drilled holes to anchor it on wall or ground.

It also comes with a 30 day warranty against defect in manufacturing or shipping.Overall it has good rating and is a decent safe for the money.

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Gearmart Fast AccessRifle Safe

With outer dimensions 14”(W) x 13.8”(D) x 57”(H)   the safe is slightly bigger than the FCH electronic safe.So it has a bolt mechanism for locking though the boor and body are flimsy to call it a safe.

A small box is also include on the top shelf for keeping ammunition,handguns etc.The electronic lock is fast acting with two backup keys.The key lock is hidden between the keypad safe.The code will not be erased when the battery die.

The safe weigh around 90 pounds but has holes at back and bottom to mount it on wall and ground.It has a capacity of up to 5 rifles without scope.It can be bought on amazon for about $250.

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Moutec Large Biometric  Rifle Safe

There are two safes by Moutec that can hold same number of guns but has option of biometric or electronic lock.We chose biometric lock because it do not add much to your budget.

It cost around $330 dollars.With exterior Dimensions: 13.8”(w) x 13.8”(d) x 57”(h) it can hold upto 5 rifles with scopes and 3 pistol on its door organizer or inside the lock-box on its top shelf.

.It weighs around 90 pounds and can be mounted on floor or closet through its pre drilled holes at back and bottom of the safe.It mentions the steel thickness of 14 gauge which is ok for a cabinet. but not for a safe.

It features fast acting (2.5 sec) biometric lock which can store upto 100 fingerprints and also comes with two backup keys.

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INTERGREAT 4 Digital Rifle Safes

Another slim design security cabinet by Intergreat.All the feature are similar to the safes mentioned above.The slim design allows you to keep it it cupborad or closet etc.

It can hold upto 4 rifles.Its exterio dimension are  (inch):9.85”(W) x 8.63”(D) x 52.13”(H).

An electronic lock allows keypad access to your guns and comes with backup keuys to enter in case of power(battery) outage.

No burglar or fire rating is given.The safe comes with pre drilled holes at back and bottom to install in on floor or wall.

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Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Security Cabinet

Ok so this model by stack n is not a safe.It is purely made like a cabinet.It doesn’t have any bolt mechanism on door.Neither any electronic or mechanical lock.It has a simple cylindrical lock and keys.

Other than that the safe boast to be tactical which translate basically into extra depth to store tactical weapons with extra magazine size etc.It has adjustable barrel rest to do the same.It can store 2 tactical guns and upto 14 standard rifles or shotguns(Seven normal gun or each side)./7
The interior has four half width adjustable shelves and one full width removable shelf.
The cabinet has dimensions of 18(W) x 21(D) x 55(H) inches and weighs 97 pounds.Also the cabinet is CDOJ approved for firearms safety device.

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Homegear Large 5 Rifle Electronic Gun Safe

This safe is listed here only for its steel thickness.The safe is made like any of the safe above except that it has little bit more steel than others.The door is made of 4 mm(6 gauge) solid steel and the body is 2mm(12 gauge).It is much than what you could find in this range.

Other than that the safe has Outer Dimensions of 13.8” W X 11.8” D X 57.1” H  and like other light weight safe has holes to mount through back walls or its bottom in closet or other narrow space.

It can accommodate up to 5 rifles plus extra box or top for ammunition etc.It has electronic lock and bypass manual key to open the door.

However  as we mentioned in handgun safe selection guide the electronic lock can be opened with small bumps.One user mentioned that like other cheap electronic keypad locks this also has this design flaw and should be repaired by company. That’s why we safe the electronic locks are definitely no no for handgun safe especially with small children and a internet access.

So if you are opting to choose this or any other electronic lightweight safe be prepared to change the locking mechanism or fix the safe tightly on wall and ground so no one can bump open it.

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LANGGER V Upgraded Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

This by Langger V and has exterior Dimensions of (in) 57.2″x 15.7″x 11.8″and store upto 5 rifles.It has hols at back and bottom to bolt to the wall or ground.It also a lock box on top shelf for ammunition documents etc.

The door of this safe is made of 11 gauge steel and the body is 14 gauge steel.Given that it is a cabinet more than a safe the steel thickness is bargain.

The door features a biometric lock as well as 4 digit electronic lock which auto illuminates using built in proximity sensor. You can also open the safe using backup manual keys.

The safe weighs about 90 pounds and has pre-drilled holes at back and bottom to secure it inside slim spaces like closet or corner walls

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Stack-On GCB-8RTA Steel 8-Gun Ready to Assemble Security Cabinet

Stackon that manufactures mostly low end safes has done a pretty good job making an affordable cabinet of size 17L X 11W X 53H inches.It cost just 110 dollars and has good customer reviews.

Two noteworthy things about this model is its capacity and price.It is cheap but can hold more guns 8 guns.There is mechanical key lock on the door and removable shelves and patented barrel rests inside.The barrel rest keep scoped rifle at one place.

More than that it is kind of a modular cabinet ready to be assembled. The fasteners are claimed to be tamper resistant from outside. The device is also CDOJ approved.

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HQ ISSUE Metal Gun Locker, 12 Gun Capacity

Above is another modular cabinet but by HQ issue.This is no pitch device made to lock your guns away from wrong hands,mainly children.

The cabinet is easy to assemble with screws and kit provided.It comes with dual piano hinged doors and a pad lockable handle.

The cabinet is easy to drill into so you can drill holes as you want to anchor it on wall or ground.

With external dimensions: 36″ w x 42″ h x14″ d it can easily store 12 rifles.The steel thickness is 22 gauge,too thin for any strong protection value but then again it is not marketed as safe either.

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Golval RE 3028 Security Safe with Electronic Lock

This safe by Golval is another slim built safe you can buy under $300.It is  (W x D x H) 12 in x 11 in x 55.1 in.  in dimension and Weighs: 88 lbs.

It is little bit wider so you can store up to 6 shotguns or rifles. and 3 to 5 handguns in the storage locker inside. It comes with holes at back wall and bottom to secure it in cupboard and narrow spaces.

The door has 5 bolts locking mechanism and electronic lock with low battery indicator.You can also open the safe with two back up keys provided.

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Bonnlo Electronic Gun Safe Large Firearm Rifle Storage Cabinet

The safe above is sold by Bonnlo,mainly a home furniture supplier.It is a security cabinet designed to lock guns away from other member of the house.It has electronic lock with bypass keys.

The keypad lock will keep your code in case battery die.It can store 5 rifles and 3-4 handguns.The steel thickness is not mentioned but user says the door to be sturdy enough for the price.

It weighs 85 lbs and can be anchored through back or bottom wall.The company also gives warranty of 30 days for any defects.

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