Best under bed/trunk gun safe, Re-evaluating popular models

An under bed gun safe is a great idea for gun owners who have large guns, but limited space.

It utilizes the valuable space under ones bed to contain these low and long storage units for rifles, handguns, and  other gear that owners would like tucked away, and out of sight, but still quickly accessible.

Their aren’t many under bed safes on the market compared to the other gun safes available, so you may find sites recommending any safe they can find on amazon or other online retailers as if all of them perfectly do what they are meant for, which felt worth examining specially after looking at the market scenerio of handgun safe.

So we decided to reevaluate them to find if they really fit the requirements and give our opinion if you should purchase it or not.

American Security Defense Vault (DV652)

The DV652 Defense Vault , made by American Security was specifically designed to be used underneath your bed. It falls somewhere between the smaller gun cabinets and larger more secure gun safe.

The product page says it is made in USA or China, probably both.

This safe is made of 14 gauge steel and sports a 5-point slide locking bar. After you unlock the DV652, drop down the door to reveal the foam-padded, slide out gun tray.

The space provided is decent, with the exterior measuring 52″ x 14″ x 6″. However, inside it gets a little tight providing just over 43″ x 13″ x 3″, With the height being somewhat of an issue. If you don’t mind removing the add-ons or modifications to your gun them before storage in this unit, then this is will do.

However the main problem with this its new ELS 5 electronic keypad lock.There are many complaints online about the keypad failing to function after few months.

Our verdict-Do not buy this safe.It is suppose to be used for self defense.But if you cant even open it when you want, whats the point ?

Click here to read the reviews of this safe on Amazon.

V-Line 31242-SA long gun safe

This is multipurpose safe.It can mounted under your bed, on your wall or on the trunk of your vehicle.There are two additional tubular locks.They are not bypass lock but extra lock when you do not need it for quick access.

Although they look generic so susceptible to picking with tubular picks but its is not a big deal as the simplex locks overshadows it.Plus three locking bolt(Top,middle and bottom) does add to the security against forced entry, though it is not meant to be safe against theft but to be used for self defense.

The safe is made in USA and made of 16 gauge steel.It is not CDOJ approved but overall is quite a secure safe against prying by young children.

One cannot reach the release mechanism with a wire or other tools without damaging the lock.

To change the locking mechanism there is reset button or a L tab as VLine calls it which is not protected but one will need to know the old combination to change it.

You can use two or more button press at one time for your combination which provide more security.

It has interior dimensions of 40.5 x 11 x 3.You can store at least two long guns inside the safe and still have  room for one small gun or other gear like ammo box or magazine.

Overall we recommend it if you want it for self defense or keeping children out of reach.
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Fort Knox Shotgun Safe PB6 

This safe marketed as shotgun safe is large enough to store shotguns and rifles. For the price of around $ 400 it safe is one of the strongest with 10 gauge body and 3 1/16 ” door and a highly reliable simplex lock and exceeds CDOJ requirements.

It has dimensions of  5″ H x 45″ W x 9″ D and weighs 36 lbs and can easily be fitted under your bed. For changing the combination you need to know the old combination and it do not have any bypass lock so there is no room for it to be tampered by mischievous children.

Only downside is that it do not have holes to anchor it somewhere.A thief can easily pick it up and leave if he can find it.

But if you need it for defense and keeping unauthorized people out it is a perfect safe.It come for about $ 400 and available at various online store or itself.

Click here to read more on amazon.(Currently unavailable)

Monster vault under bed gun safe

This safe is made by MonsterVault which solely makes under bed gun safe.It is claimed to be made in USA and is one of the most selling under bed safe.

The safe has a dimension of 7″ H x 48″ W x 28″ D and weighs about 140 pounds.The steel sheet used is 16 gauge but it has double wall design making effective thickness of front 0.16″, the top and bottom 11 gauge and the sides 7 gauge.

The safe exceeds CDOJ requirements but is not fire or water proof.It has pre-drilled holes at bottom to install in on the floor but some users have also installed it on the ceiling.It can also be installed in the trunk of your vehicle.

You can store your rifles easily and shot guns diagonally in this safe with plenty of room for other gear.

It comes assembled with electronic lock which require 4 AA batteries and users don’t find any issues with the electronic lock.

The safe is drawer style front opening which is rated for up to 100 ponds weight.

It has a an unguarded reset button inside but the edges seems to pack tight enough to be able to resist entering any wire or other covet entry mechanism.

But the only concern for this safe is the  bypass lock.The site says it has barrel style key lock which another name for tubular lock.These tubular locks are quite susceptible to picking with a tubular pick available ti buy cheap online.

Other than that it is a well designed safe for self defense and keeping non-mischievous or small children out. This safe is available online for about $700 and comes with a 7 year warranty against defects.

Click here for latest price and more info on Amazon.

Secure it gun storage fast box model 47

Product description.

The interior dimensions are 6″ x 46.5″ x 12.5″ and it can fit one rifle with scope and magazine attached.Probably two if they are of average size without  the saddles.

It is made of 16 gauge steel and comes with 4 holes at bottom to mount it horizontal position.It can be kept vertical as well and in a large enough trunk of a vehicle.

It comes with 4 button electronic keypad safe which requires 9 V battery and a tubular bypass lock.Nothing is mentioned about the CDOJ rating.

The above safe which cost about $ 300 is made by secure it a relatively new gun safe company who claims to have military as major customer base.They focus and clam that how you store a firearm inside is just  as important as locking them up.

They have developed cradle grid technology which allows you to secure the fire arm tightly and not just loosely kept inside.For that they have louvered back panel on which you can slide saddles to keep firearm held in place.

All is fine if you don’t fear any major break in or theft and more on the getting your time fast in case of emergency.But we don’t think it is going to cause much difference considering it may have other design flaws.

First-is that people don’t find the electronic lock very reliable or complaint of it ceasing to work.

Second-is the bypass lock which is a tubular lock which we always say is easy to pick.

Third-and most important of all is the reset button which is unguarded and as you can see the louvered back panel can easily allows anyone to enter a wire or something to reach the reset button or door inside and have the code resetted.

But you will know later that the codes have been changed.So gauge if anyone in your house can be that curious.

Overall customer says that for the price it is decent safe if you live in well to do area.But teenagers may easily get into this safe even if you bolt it down and i would say to avoid it or only buy if you live alone.

Click here to read more reviews on amazon.

Chinese made low end under bed safes

The following models are made in china. It looks exactly like above safes as they are cheap imitations of above safe. They may do the job but do not go through any quality control, at least that’s what it appears from the not so happy reviewers.

SnapSafe  Under Bed Safe 75400

There not is much to say about this says as it has all the features that Monstervault above has got except that it comes in three styles  Large  Large (40″W x 22″D x 6″H) , medium (26″ W x 20″D x 5″H) and XXL (48″W x 24″D x 7″H).

There don’t seem to be any way to pry or reach the unguarded reset button when the safe is close.

It has overall good rating but there are complaint mainly associated with the cheap electronic lock. First it comes with generic tubular bypass lock easy to pick with tubular pick.But more importantly many complain the knob of the lock to be wobbly and cheap and can  be turned with a little force which opens the safe without even entering the code. What good a safe is if its lock do not work properly.

Our verdict -Avoid this safe for the obvious reason mentioned above.

Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

Two other imitation of above design are

 Offex under bed safe                                                 

 Buffalo tools under bed safe

There is no difference in the design of above safe at all. Both these companies are not into security business so these safe are made in china and probably by the same supplier.They are exactly like the snap safe under bed safe with with a differently designed keypad.

They have the same dimensions 28″L x 48″W x 7″H, weighs 130 lbs and have tray that can hold 100 lbs and same 14 gauge body.

But, as is the case with Snapsafe the digital lock on this safe is of same if not poor quality so the problems user faced is bound to be repeated with these safe as well.

Our verdict-Avoid these safes if you want something safe.

Stealth Defense Vault DV652

We cannot comment on where the safe is made but it definitely a copy of Amsec under bed gun safe, probably both companies manufactures is from same supplier.

It is even priced (about $ 457 ) and named same (DV652).

It has same steel thickness(14 gage) dimensions (6″H x 52″L x 14″D) and same keypad electronic lock (ELS5).

So it was obvious to find the same complaint found with Amsec safe which is that the electronic locks stops working after some time.

Our Verdict-Don’t buy this safe.

Click here to read more reviews of this on amazon.

Hornady 98190 Rapid under bed Safe

This safe as one amazon user calls it is a great idea but of mediocre quality.

The strength of the safe is not the highlight or the selling feature but the lock.This safe has three way to lock the door. A keypad programmable with four to six digit code, A bypass tubular lock and a RFID technology for quick access.

Probably what makes it compelling for use in bedroom for self defense is the RFID technology.It comes with RFID Wristband, Stickers and Key Fob.

But because this safe is made in China it do not have any quality control and many people receive defective piece of the lot with part missing,scattered pieces inside, electronics not working  and sometimes total failure of locks after a month.

The RFID system is also far from perfect.Many user complain that the RFID stops working after a while or not works all the time and do have some failures and some complain that it totally stopped working after an year .There are also complains of RFID not programming at all. Also many complain the knob to cheap and difficult to turn which makes it difficult to close.You can read the one or two star ratings on amazon and get the idea.

The keypad and the bypass lock works fine but the tubular lock is another undermining point.Tubular lock are easy to pick with tubular pick.

Other than that the safe do not have any outstanding feature.The steel used is 16 gauge with four four locking lugs on the door which makes it some what strong.It has pre-drilled holes to mount it on floor or trunk.It also comes with 1500 lb rated cable to secure it at places.

It has dimensions of 46.7 x 19 x 9.7 inches and can store both shotgun and AR.

But for a price of 300(Keep reducing) the safe can be given a try but don’t rely on the RFID technology.Think of it as as temporary additional bonus at best.

Click here for latest price and more info on amazon.

NOTE-The following models of different companies are discontinued

Rhino Under Bed Gun Safe UB50, Gun casket under bed safe.

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