Briefcase for security of valuables

Console Vault is a Vegas based company. They manufacture a lot of things, but they are known for various security carrying cases. This security cases are good for home, office and care usage. Well now the company has just released a new innovative carrying case.It is known as the security briefcase. This briefcase was initially manufactured for the sake of the government and their associates.

You see associates that work for the government were looking for something compact and durable to carry around documents. They were also looking for something to carry that would hide certain things easily. The government has a lot of things that they need to keep private when they are carried around. And the cases that they did use just were not cutting it. So some of the top officials went to Console Vault and spoke to them about this issue. The also spoke of other uses for the briefcase too. Uses that extend to hidden firearms and things of that nature. Either way they needed something to transport them easily and without any issue.

So Console Vault came up with the solution and began manufacturing the new security briefcase. It was manufactured in the United States and it is made from 16-gage plate steel. And the great news is that this briefcase only weighs a few pounds. So because of the way it is constructed you might be carrying around a ton of materials, but it will only feel as though you are carrying a few pounds in your hands.

What also makes this briefcase so outstanding is that it can only be opened with the Barrel Key Lock. And on the inside there is a cell foam density that keeps everything safe while you are on your journey. There is also another special feature to this briefcase and it is the 36-inch vinyl stainless-steel cable. What is special about this cable is that you can attach it to other materials for added protection and security. So let’s say that you have another carrying case with time-sensitive materials inside. Well you can use the cable and attach the two together. that way wherever you go you can be assured that nothing will be lost or stolen. Everyday government officials carry time-sensitive materials and they need to be sure that the items will be protected no matter what. And that is what this cable is there for.

Now the cable itself comes in at around 4200 pounds. And it has it’s own carrying case that is made of nylon. And this brings ease for whoever is carrying it around.

Now of course I don’t want you to think that this security briefcase is only for use by a government official who is travelling with sensitive materials and documents. No, this briefcase can be used by just about anyone. If you are a business owner or an executive coming from the office, then this briefcase is something that you just might need. It’s good for an executive that is travelling on business. He or she can keep all of his or her papers in order. You can also use this briefcase for carrying your laptop around inside. There are times when you don’t want to carry around a messenger bag because you don’t have enough room with all of the other things that you have. Well that is why there is the security briefcase. You can carry all of your files and laptop all in one place. So if you are on a place somewhere and you have WIFI capabilities,you can just open it up once you are in your seat and begin to use.

It’s also good for any student out there when they are attending class. This briefcase also gives a sort of professionalism to any student.
So if you haven’t already gotten one, go online and check these briefcases out.

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