Console vault for carrying gun in your vehicle

For those times, when concealed weapons carriers are faced with having to leave the weapon or valuables in the vehicle, a console vault provides a secure and safe option. There are a variety of console vaults available with a multitude of options. The most important decision is to select the model that is designed for the vehicle’s specific type of console. Console vaults are designed for a variety of console types including, bucket seats, full floor, and fold down arm rest consoles.However they will not fit properly and offer the needed security, if it is not the correct console type otherwise console vault can offer the owner options that enhance its use in the vehicle.

Console Vault Options

When you are wanting to purchase a console vault there are some advantages you want to look for in a vault that perhaps other models do not offer.

12 Gauge Steel: Most console vaults are made from 12 gauge rolled plate steel. This heavy duty material not only keeps weapons and valuables secure from thieves, but maintain their safety during an accident.

Easy Installation: Many console vaults can be installed in just a few minutes to existing vehicle hardware. There is usually no need for expensive professional tools or installation costs.They have factory console bolts and hinge latch pins that secure it firmly into position.

Drill Resistant Locks: This adds an additional layer of protection to ensure thieves are unable to gain access to weapons and valuables.If someone breaks into your vehicle they cannot open this safe because it has drill resistant locks, made of 12 gauge plate steel.

Barrel Lock: The barrel key can quickly and easily be used to access the weapons or valuables in an emergency situation. The key is left in the lock, when the vault is not being used eliminating any question as to, whether the vault is locked.

Keyless Entry: Ensures no unauthorized individuals have access. The owner chooses a unique code that they can quickly enter to access weapons or valuables. This safe offers 3-point locking system to prevent burglars from prying the box open.

Storage Space: Many console vaults have an attached shelf or a cut out storage area. This can be used for quick access to change for that parking meter, or sunglasses for that walk on the beach.

Drink Holder: The console vault can do double duty and not only safely store weapons and valuables, but it can safely hold that morning cup of coffee for that long drive.

There are actually three different console vaults available to consumers today. Each vehicle brand has their own console safe available for the owner.

Reviews found that the vault, F150 by “console vault” (the company) for the Ford vehicle is the best console vault for the money. The reasons that consumers find this vault good is due to the overall security offered when storing the firearm.They also have a safe universal safe that can be used in all car models.

This vault is a widely used vault by law enforcement officials and proves to be the vault to purchase. This vault is proven to be highly safe and secure and law enforcement agencies find they can trust the workmanship of these vaults.

Dodge has a top of the line vault called CV1000. This console fits like a glove inside the truck. Consumers purchasing this product place it under the armrest out of sight. Installation is easy and the product is easily removed because there is no required drilling for installation.

The company makes this vault attractive to Dodge owners with several attributes, each comparable to the Ford model. Reports by consumers say that this safe is great for storing your firearms and valuables.

It has also made it for Chevy models Tahoe, GMC Yukon Sierra, Suburban, and Silverado. This vault is made of hard steel and has welded table. The notch seams keep burglars from breaking into the safe and in turn burglars find it impossible to remove the safe from the vehicle. This safe stands up to the excellent consumer review as much as the Ford and Dodge console safes and carries the same features.

Consumers do not have to purchase console gun vaults for their brand of vehicle because there are consoles available that are universal for a number of different brand of vehicles.

Consoles for gun safety are important, because should your gun be stolen and used causing injury or death you are the one held responsible, so it is of utmost importance to protect yourself at all cost. And, in some states it is the law to carry your weapon in a locked console safety vault.

A console vault is a low cost investment for the safety and security of not only concealed weapons, but to ensure the protection of valuables. When traveling, the console vault can be used to store valuables, when visiting local tourist attractions. Keep important documents out of the hands of thieves. The 12 gauge steel with drill resistant locks provides owners peace of mind knowing weapons will not get into the hands of dangerous individuals.

Before purchasing a console vault research should be completed to ensure the vault purchased not only has the desired options, but will fit securely in the vehicle. Console vaults not only offer a secure fit in the vehicle it will have an appearance that fits with the vehicle, as to not draw attention to it. Keep valuables, documents, and weapons safe and secure in a professionally designed vaults, and never worry about leaving them stored in the vehicle again.

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