Small gun safe brands to avoid

The market scenario is pitiful when it comes to handgun safes.Almost all companies basically import these safes from china and market it under different name.

Almost all of these company are looking to profit from these cheap design and generic locks.

We will not talk about the steel thickness as it does not matter because these devices have other flaws that are more important to discuss.

First is the design-Almost all these safe have some type of gap.So one can reach it with some sort or wire or paper clip, straw etc.They can reach either to the latch or the reset button or both.So the type of lock weather electronic or bio metric is totally a useless advertising.

The second is the bypass lock itself-They are cheap generic locks used to reduce construction price and increase profit.Some require special lock picking device like tubular lock picks -a most commonly used lock in these handgun safes.

Others which have used other kind of bypass locks can also be defeated using other specialized lock picking device.All these device can be ordered from amazon for cheap and there are videos of how to pick different type of locks all over Youtube.

Heck some of these locks are so cheap and useless that they can be open by simple device like paper clips,cable tie etc which need not be even bought.

At first I didn’t wanted to give direct links to these videos or sites because of safety reasons but i guess it is too late since there are already large number of these types of safe in american homes.

So we think its important that you know how vulnerable these safe are so that you can rectify them or at least be alert of the vulnerabilities.A perfect resource for that is

Safety factors that needs to be considered if you have these safes at home.

Covet entry-Safe that can be opened using paperclips,straw,plastic zip tie or tape.These types are totally not recommendable.

If you have these types of safe or plan on buying we would recommend only if you have toddlers but you need to alter it by welding, sealing the holes or changing the lock.

Forced entry=Safe that are somewhat secure to covet entry but can be opened using more than paperclip,straw,plastic zip tie or tape etc,example-using screw driver,lock picking tools  etc which may or may not leave marks and scratches.

These are also not recommendable for permanent storage mainly because a gun is and always be a source of curiosity for a young child and  weather your child have interest or proclivity towards lock-picking or cracking a safe, given the number of handgun safe sold everyday there is a chance few will try to open them and be successful which is in itself fearful to think about.

It will be difficult to point out every gun safe brands in the list here because new brands are and will be popping up every another day.

So what we say you is to look at the design of the safes that has been found to be compromising safety at various online resources like,Tobias analysis of various handgun safe(Google it), Defcon 19 gun safe talk(Google it) or Lock picking lawyer Youtube channel.

We will list some of the safes that are totally no no .And when you look at any other new brands you compare its design.If it is similar to what we discuss for various brands below you certainly should avoid it.

This is because the since almost all of these safes are imported from china,a similar design is bound to have similar vulnerabilities as there is no guidelines on how to manufacture these safes and the companies marketing them have almost no experience in making security devices.

1.)Gunvault-All models.

Gunvault SVB500

Gunvault MV1000,MV500

Gunvault minivault

Gunvault MV1050-19

2.)Sentry all models.

3.)Liberty HDX-150,Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-200 (Exception Liberty HDX-250 with updated design.)

4.)Amazon basics-all models,

5.)Stackon all models.(Exception may be PS 1514-Updated)

6.)RPNB all models,

7.)First watch or Homak all models.

8.)Cacagoo vault






14.)Bald eagle


16.)Big horn safe co.

17.)Bulldog vaults

18.)Homak security




22.)Stealth tactical electronic and bio metric models. (Now improved)

23.)Steel patriot-Only to someone living alone.Opens with Bluetooth app.Also a determined lockpicker can open the bypass lock.

24.)Stop box

25.)Tiger king-Somewhat resistant.But can be pried open for determined lock-picker.

26.)Union safe co.

27.)Vaultek safe-All models.Exception-(Vaultek VT 20 i Upgraded version-printed on the manual)
Wait a minute!! What about all the other sites recommending these safes?

Other sites recommending these safes are either Gun magazine or outdoor sports company trying to sell you any safe that can find advertising flashy or fancy features,but they are just overlooking the safety aspect of these safes.There only source of information is amazon or online retailers and people reviews but as we have said even the top selling product are super vulnerable.

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