Small/Handguns safety and kids

When it comes to handgun safety, it is important to be entirely certain that you have educated your children on the topic. There are over 3,000 fatalities and 15,000 injuries in children due to gun violence. It is estimated that there are around 50 million Americans who own over 200 million different guns. This is why it is essential to have the proper safety knowledge about guns. Especially if you have children that could get a hold of a gun. 
Speak To Kids About The Dangers Of Real Guns

It is important to speak to kids about the dangers of firearms at an early age and not just once. Teach them the difference between a real gun and a toy gun, and do not allow them to play with guns that look real so that they know the difference. Although, do not assume that just because you do not allow your child to play with real looking toy guns that your child’s friends will not have these types of guns. Out Of Sight, Out Of Reach, Locked And Unloaded Even after you have spoken to your child about firearms, do not assume that that will make them immune to a gun accident. It is important to keep your guns locked, unloaded, out of reach and out of sight. This ensures the safety of everyone in the home. You also want to store the ammunition in a separate part of the home. Even keep the keys out of reach from your child. Gun Cleaning Supplies Another real danger that many gun owners do not consider is gun-cleaning supplies. It is important to keep these locked away too. The reason is because the ingredients in gun-cleaning supplies are oftentimes poisonus. Teach Your Child The Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Rules The Eddie Eagle gun safety rules are:

1. Stop 2. Do not touch the gun 3. Leave the area 4. Tell an adult. This decreases the chances that if a handgun was accidentally left out that a child will play with it. When it comes to teaching your child about the rules of gun safety, you can never be too safe. It is always better to have been too cautious than to be left with a regret. Learning Responsibility For Both Parents And Children

If you are going to own a gun, then it is important to be a responsible gun owner. This is one area where you cannot allow for accidents to occur. You have to learn responsibility for your own good, and then teach your children to be safe around a gun. Most importantly, never allow a child to be unsupervised around a real gun as this is a recipe for disaster. Children are naturally curious about everything. How To Safely Store A Gun In A Home And Car When storing a gun in a car, you want it to be in a locked container (Unloaded) in the wrapped around a cable that secures your firearm. Typically, the best place to put a locked firearm is in the trunk of your vehicle. When it comes to storing a gun in the safest manner, the best way is using a concealed lock box or gun safe. Always keep the keys in a hidden and unknown location. Statistics have shown that a three year old has the strength to pull the trigger on a firearm. It is important to be a responsible gun owner. The Best Advice For Kids The best advice for kids is to make sure that they have received the proper gun safety education. Even after they have received that education do not assume that it was thorough enough that they will use it. You have tell them about this more than once. When you own a gun around children, you have to be even more responsible than before. You do not want an accident to occur. The most important advice that could be given to parents is to be responsible and have a thorough knowledge of gun safety. Especially around children, it is important to never leave your hand gun lying around.