The 2000 pound challenge: how to move a Gun safe by yourself


Moving a 2000 pound safe is no easy feat. It’s a big, heavy object that doesn’t want to move at all, but if you’ve got the right tools and know-how, it can be done. Here are some tips on how to move your safe:

Measure the doorway that it has to go through

Measure the doorway that it has to go through. This is important because you want the safe to fit through this opening, but if a piece of furniture is blocking it, then they will not be able to pass through. You can measure from the door frame to the center of your safe and then use a tape measure or yardstick (or something similar) as an extension.

Measure from top down and make sure that you are measuring from about 1 foot off the ground so that you get an accurate measurement when putting together everything else later on.

Tip it on its side and roll it out

  • Take off the door and shelves.
  • Use a dolly to move it.
  • If you can’t move it, you’ll have to disassemble it.
  • You’ll need a lot of people to help you with this job!

Rent a heavy-duty engine hoist.

You will probably need a heavy-duty engine hoist. You can rent one from a local hardware store, or you can buy one if you have the money. If you want to buy one, make sure it has a capacity of at least 2000 pounds and that it is rated for use in an Auto Emergency Garage (AEA).

Find a flat area of ground to move the safe on (like a driveway).

The next step is to find a flat area of ground to move your safe. You need to make sure that your new location has no obstructions, such as trees or bushes, and that it’s free from loose debris or rocks which could cause an accident during transport. Finally, you’ll want to find an appropriate level surface so the safe doesn’t tip over when it is lifted onto its new pedestal.

Once you’ve chosen your location for moving the safe and ensured there are no hazards nearby (like loose branches), begin by placing a tarp under one end of where you plan on building up some ramps so workers can lift heavier loads onto them easily; this will help prevent damage if they fall while working onsite!

Have 2 or three people on hand to assist you with moving the safe.

  • Have 2 or three people on hand to assist you with moving the safe.
  • Use a dolly or hand truck for this job.
  • Make sure that it is on level ground, otherwise you could damage your floor or the walls of your home by tipping over and causing damage to property that may not be covered by insurance if all goes well!

Set the safe carefully on the two wooden posts and put a floor jack underneath the safe.

  • Find a flat area of ground to move the safe on, and make sure it is level. If you have an uneven surface, then put down wooden planks or bricks first.
  • Place two wooden posts under the safe and use them as a base for setting up your floor jack underneath. You can also use furniture dolly or hand truck to help get it in place fully.
  • Use a floor jack to lift up the safe – don’t lift it too high! Once you’ve got it standing upright (and balanced), put drop cloths over both sides of what’s left of each door so that nothing gets scratched by moving parts while they’re being transported outside their original location.*

Use a furniture dolly or hand truck to get it in place fully.

The last step is to get the safe onto a truck. You can do this with a furniture dolly, which is a rolling cart that you can use to move objects around without having them fall over while you’re moving them. If you have one of these, great! Use it! Don’t use a wheelbarrow or flatbed truck though—they’ll be too big for your safe and could damage the lock mechanism if they tip over on top of it.

Once the safe is loaded onto your vehicle and placed on its side so that only its backside is visible (you’ll want to leave at least 2 inches of space between each side), carefully lift up one end so it’s angled upwards slightly—this will allow gravity to help keep everything balanced during transport as well as reduce strain on any joints or hinges in your case.

It’s not easy but it can be done.

It’s a lot of work to move a heavy safe, but it can be done. You need to be careful and follow the directions carefully. You also need the right tools and plan in place before you start moving anything heavy.

Why you should never attempt to move a 2000 pound safe by yourself

Attempting to move a 2000 pound safe by yourself can be dangerous and should always be left to experienced professional movers. Moving a safe of this size requires heavy-duty equipment, such as dollies and straps, that most people don’t have access to. In addition, there is a risk of personal injury when trying to move something so large and heavy without the proper training and experience.

Have complete plan

Before attempting to move a heavy safe, make sure you’ve checked your local laws and that you’re following all necessary safety precautions. Additionally, 

1.First and foremost, make sure that you have a clear path from the entrance to where you plan on placing your safe. Remove any obstacles that might get in the way and measure the paths to ensure the safe will fit through all of the doorways and around any corners.

2.Next, you will need to find some help. A 2,000 pound safe is not something that one person can lift or maneuver safely alone. Make sure that you have enough people available to help move and place the safe as well as any additional items needed like furniture sliders or dollies. You should have the help of at least three other people when attempting to move a safe this size.

3.Once you have your helpers ready, make sure that your floors are prepped and protected. Lay down pieces of plywood along the route so there is no risk of damaging them while moving the safe. This is especially important on carpeted floors since it can be easy to tear them with such a heavy item.

4.Finally, when everything else is ready, double check all of your measurements one more time before bringing in the heavy item. It’s best to be certain before bringing in something so large and heavy into your home so there won’t be any surprises when it comes time for installation.

Here are some tips on how to safely move a 2000 pound safe:

1. Call an Experienced Mover: If you do not have the experience or necessary equipment to move a 2000 pound safe, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Professional movers are specially trained to move large items with the utmost care and safety, so you can rest assured that your safe will be moved without any damage or injury. They will also be able to provide insurance in case of any accidents. 

2. Rent Heavy Duty Dollies: If you decide to take on the job yourself, make sure you rent heavy-duty dollies that are specifically designed for moving large items. You will also need straps or ropes that can support the weight of the safe when lifting it onto the dolly.

3. Have Helpers Ready: Moving a 2000 pound safe by yourself is not only dangerous but also very difficult. It’s best to have at least two helpers available if you plan on doing it yourself. Make sure they know what they’re doing and follow all safety guidelines while helping you move the safe.

4. Take Extra Precautions: When moving something as heavy as a 2000 pound safe, it’s important to take extra precautions such as clearing all obstacles in your path, wearing protective gear (such as gloves), and using extra padding when loading or unloading the safe onto the dolly or truck bed for transportation.

5.Secure the safe with straps or other moving material. Straps are an essential part of moving large objects as they provide additional stability and prevent slipping or sliding during transport. Make sure that the straps are securely fastened around the entire safe in order for it to stay in place during transit.

6. Lift with your legs, not your back! When lifting any heavy item, it’s important to use your legs instead of your back in order to avoid straining yourself or getting injured in any way. Keep your back straight while lifting and make sure you’re wearing good shoes with plenty of grip when transporting across slippery surfaces.

7. Use furniture sliders when necessary. Furniture sliders can be extremely helpful when it comes to moving heavy objects like safes around tight corners or over carpets without causing damage or strain on your back muscles.

8. Take frequent breaks when necessary! Moving a 2000 pound safe is no easy task – take frequent breaks throughout the process in order for you and your helpers to rest up before you continue on with the job at hand.


Moving a safe isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. It all comes down to having the right equipment and knowing what to do if something goes wrong. If you follow these steps, then you should be able to move your safe without any problems!

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