The Art of Cracking a Gun Safe with an Electronic Lock

Sometimes you may need to know or actually want to crack into an electronic gun safe for reason like lost key or combination or both. Also it may be an old safe and the keys or battery may not be working. For whatever reason here we have compiled a list of ways you can crack open an electronic gun safe even as a beginner.

Pressing the reset pin

There is almost certainly a reset pin present in the interior of the safe. In smaller electronic safe they can be accessed via gaps between door and reinforce ment walls or through the back of the safe where there are holes for mounting. You can shine flash light through these holes to locate the pin if needed.

In larger safe the button is usually located along the hinge side of the door accessible via bent metal sheet or wire like that of a coat hanger. Once you locate that pin you can easily reset the code and program it with new code and crack the safe.

Using chisel and hammer to dislodge the lock and pressing the button

In larger safe if you cannot reach to the reset pin for some reason you can use a chisel and hammer to try this method. Always practice safety and wear safety glasses and safety gloves while doing this.

What you can do is place the flattened sharp edge of the chisel at the edge of the electronic lock panel on the front door and hammer on top the chisel to remove it from the door. Try to beat it in controlled and repeated manner instead of one hard blow to avoid accidents and shock to your hands.

Once you remove the cover or the electronic pad portion you will see a silver knob with some screws which keep the plate on which it is held together on the safe door.

Try roving the knob in the same way as you remove the lock pad. Hammer over the chisel top repeatedly and gently by placing the chisel on the knob in circular motion. After some effort you will be able to remove the knob. Now put a finger inside the hole and press the button holding the lock. It is usually located at the bottom side of the hole. It will pop open the safe. This method can be used on any safe like Canon, Liberty or Winchester.

By bumping the safe(small size), solenoid release method

For a small to medium size safe give a hard bump on top make the solenoid valve holding the locking mechanism together is released or pressed down momentarily. So if you do it while also keeping a pressure on the opening knob on opening position. It will simultaneously open the knob. This method may not work on larger safe due to its size and distance of the solenoid from the top wall of the safe but on medium size safe it works at least by dropping the safe from a small height if not by bumping. Again it may not possible to drop a large size safe because of its weight.

By pass the lock with a drill

If above method fails you can opt for drilling the safe. Also keep in mind that it must be the last of the steps if no other method remains because it will eventually break the lock of the safe and you will have to replace the lock.

In this method you have to drill the lock of the safe through the hole where you insert the key. Once the drill is free and goes through emerging out of the other end it will break loose the locking mechanism so you can open the safe.

Use knife or nail filer or picking device to pick the Tumblr lock

The bypass lock in these cheap electronic safe are not of even medium quality in general. It can easily be picked even if are not great at picking with common household items like nail filer or knife of simple picking devices easily available on Amazon or hardware store.

Simply insert the knife or nail filer or picking device try to give it a twist with little jerks. It should ultimately make the lock open or otherwise there are other option to open the safe like magnets.

Use magnet to release the solenoid valve

As stated above the electronic lock uses solenoid which is an electronic magnet that get energized momentarily when the lock need to be opened. Same effect can be obtained using a powerful natural magnet. When brought near the the locking mechanism and moved to and fro it gets attached to the solenoid and release the lock just as easily as the original lock itself.

Use replacement key

While this option is not available for all the electronic safe user some companies do provide for their electronic lock for some time period from the date of purchase . Do find out if you fall into the replacement period by contacting their customer support and get the replacement key and get you safe opens without the hassle of any of the steps above. One such safe is the Winchester gun safe company which provide replacement key free of charge for a limited time period after the date of purchase.

Use the backup key

Needless to say but it may not come into the mind of users to use a backup key usually given the electronic locks safe. The notch to use the key is usually located under the dial pad of the safe. But these lock are equally easy to pick so it leaves this method quite useless.

So here are few steps that can be used to crack into an electronic gun safe.

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